Pro-Samplemaks model grain sampler is used to take standard samples from trucks very quickly and economical. It transfers product such as wheat, barley, rice, and rye with vacuum motor to the laboratory within 10 seconds. Grain sampler could move to six ways (left, right, up, down, forward and back side) with the hydraulic system. Its moving arm length is 5 meters (16 feet) and it can scene total 180 degree rotation. With the vacuum+blowing engines used, the sample taken from the vehicle can easily be transported over a distance of 25 meters. The sampling probe is controlled by cable control unit and remote control. There are two cameras imaging system on the device. Cameras are mounted on the device so that the sampling process can be monitored from inside. Product guarantee of 2 years are provided, excluding users faults.

Grain Sampler / Sampling Probe / Pro-Samplemaks Features;
  • Hydraulic motion system
  • 180 degree scan angle
  • Maximum arm length 500 cm
  • Sample collection container with 8 kg capacity
  • 25 meters sample transport system with vacuum engine
  • Wired and remote control unites
  • Sample handling system with the vacuum and blowing motors
  • Back-forward, top-down, left-right direction ability to act
  • The pressure sensor detects the bottom of the chassis for safety purposes
  • two cameras and imaging system for showing the sampling location

Grain Sampler / Sampling Probe / Pro-Samplemaks Technical Specifications;

Hydraulic Motor Power: 1,5 kW
Vacuum Motor Power: 1 kW
Blowing Motor Power: 1 kW
Oil Reservoir: 12 Lt
Voltage: 380 V, 50 Hz
Net Dimensions (mm): 900x3300x4110
Package Dimensions (mm): 4200x1000x1000
Weight (Kg): 650
Product Guarantee: 2 Years

All processors of any size sample and analyse grain at intake to determine its quality and whether it has met the agreed contractual requirement and specifications. The biggest sampling issue with incoming loads of grain is that quality across the vehicle may not be uniform. Grain sampler can be used to sample a variety of products such as wheat, barley, paddy and rye in very short time (10-30 seconds) by vaccum in long vehicles. Grain sampler takes sample grain on arrival with using a mechanised spear that is controlled from the laboratory or intake office via a joystick or remote control. The spear draws a sample up through the core of the load, having sensed the bottom of the trailer. Samples are automatically transported to a laboratory with tubes. 180° rotation allows for variable sampling patterns and as well as being able to reach all of corners of vehicle.

The example below is the recommended ISO sampling method for a 30 tonne bulk vehicle load of grain at an intake point (ISO 24333:2009). The circles represent where a spear sample should be taken.